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Bradken SmartLiner®

Beyond Smart.

Remote real-time wear monitoring and wear forecasting of Fixed Plant Assets. The safer and more efficient way to view the condition data of your liners and plan maintenance.

Real-time Data

End-of-life wear predictions and tracking - remaining useful life predictions. Bradken Insite® provides access to real-time data on all your SmartLiner enabled assets on site. Display real time conditions on the 2D and 3D wear maps and life remaining graph per liner.

Detailed Part Information

Product information - asset liner predicted remaining useful life mm’s and % at each sensor location. Filter and investigate your individual liners. Easy sensor information allows you to detect any technical issues.

Export and Order

Configure shut days to see liners requiring replacement at each planned shut. Export your Bill of Materials list with all SmartLiner enabled parts required for changeout.

How does it work?

SmartLiner™ probes are embedded into Bradken liners. Our sensors are cloud-connected via secure gateways feeding data directly to Bradken Insite®, giving you access to real-time wear data and reports anywhere, any time.
  • Up to 100 sensors from multiple assets can be installed per Gateway.
  • Multiple Gateways can be installed to provide site wide area coverage.

Real-time Data

All SmartLiner data will appear on the Bradken Insite dashboard with updates from the sensors everyday from the site.

Heat Maps

Assess each liner’s performance with a clear condition and key for interpretation.

2D and 3D

Toggle between 2D and 3D visuals to investigate areas of high flow and high wear. Zoom in, out and reset the view.

Predictive Wear

All SmartLiner events are used to create a remaining useful life prediction in mm’s and %.

List of Liners

Filter your liners that include all your part numbers, install dates, Bradken ID’s, material, thickness, condition % and mm’s, sensor ID’s and status, and predicted failure date.

Bill of Materials

Shut Dates

Configure a pair of shut dates to filter your sensor data and predictions to create one list of liners for replacement.

Export and Order

Download your filtered list or Bill of Materials, send it to procurement get new liners onsite for your planned shut.

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